Our 1-2-1 Enduro or Adventure coaching allows us to give you 100% of our attention, allowing us to tailor the session to your specific ability, needs and requirements.

What to expect

It ensures you get as much from the session as possible, and offers the biggest steps forward whether you are a recreational trial rider wanting to develop the skills to make the day easier, or give you the skills and confidence to tackle more difficult trails, or you are competitive enduro or rally rider looking to step it up to the next level.

We can tailor the session to you, no matter whether you are just starting out in enduro’s or rally’s, or are a top level British Championship rider.

1-2-1 off road motorcycle coaching can be offered at our own vast training area in Mid Wales or at your own venue. We are able to supply a bike from the Yamaha Enduro or Adventure range (hyperlink to Bikes Page) or your can use your own.  Generally on these sessions participants like to use their own machines, as they wish to hone their skills on the bike they plan to ride/race on.

Prices from £400 per person with hire bike

Prices from £260 per person with own bike

If you have a small group, please contact us for a price.