Yamaha Off Road Experience Enduro Team - BEC Round 1 review

Yamaha Off Road Experience Enduro Team - BEC Round 1 review

The first round of the ACU Britsh Enduro Championship took place yesterday down in Bovington, Dorset. Weather was very spring like and not all what were expecting for this time of year. The sunshine made for great conditions, but as you can see from the pictures there was still plenty of water to be found in places. The sandy soil roughed up as the day went on and made for a physically demanding event. The motocross special test was quite fast and flowing with some very deep heavy sand in places, whilst the Enduro test was as all in the trees. It was a long and physically demanding test, that had plenty of exposed roots and stumps to watch out for!

It was a mixed day for our team of 3 riders. Alex Walton had moved from the 125 to ride a WR 250F for this season. Alex made a strong start to the day with some top 6 times overall on the Enduro test, but struggled a little later in the day as the tests cut up, but still finished with a strong 9th place overall.

Fraser Flockhart on the new WR 450F endured a very difficult day with lots of problems. Again posting some top 6 times on the motocross test early in the day. On lap
2 he split his front brake hose on the Enduro test and had to ride without a front brake which cost him 30 seconds. He managed to replace it at service without losing any further time. On lap 4 on motocross test he caught a wooden post that bent the rear brake pedal around which cost him a further 20 seconds. He had to replace the pedal after the test and carried on. Eventually he brought it home in 10th place overall, which considering the problems and a couple crashes was not a bad outcome. A frustrating day for him, but he knows he’s capable of much better result and will look to put things right for round 2 in 3 weeks time.

Charlie Evans, is back riding a YZ 250 2 stroke after a couple season on a WR 450F. He had a good consistent day and finished a strong 11th place overall, which was very good result. Charlie commented on how much he enjoyed racing the 250 2 stroke again.

Thanks to the Dorset Enduro club for all their hard work and putting on a fantastic opening event of the 2019 series. We look forward to round 2 in 3 weeks time in Devon.

Congratulations to our junior rider Charlie Chater, who was racing the Stanton Enduro which was the first round of the Eastern Centre Enduro Championship, where he won the expert class overall. Terrific start to the season for him!


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